Web-development and marketing Company LabITeam.

LabITeam - is a team of enthusiastic and innovative individuals,
who has a clear understanding and desire to lab a new approach to every task they are given. We don’t copy, we give birth to new ideas, which cause a technological break through!

Our Philosophy


modern office in the center of Kyiv, comfortably equipped with the latest technology to serve your every day needs and to help you concentrate on the given tasks.

Pool of tasks

the variety of tasks is vast and interesting. Each and every employee will be given a chance to work on projects with their own approach and touch. Create and improve, innovate and test, lead and support in your own way!

Global Market

extensive experience in international cooperation, fulfilling orders for customers from Europe, USA, and Asia. Dozens of successfully completed project and many more yet to come.


supporting a continuous learning of all employees through paid by the company courses, lessons, training, webinars, and conferences.

Career Growth

outstanding environment for personal and career growth. Build your career from scratch! From Junior to Senior, from zero experience to a well paid professional.


Ukraine, Kiev, 03150, Antonovicha 125

Feel free to contact us

  • +38 (067) 584 7736
  • +1 (917) 503 9931